Mobile Apps

My experience in native and framework environments brings me the neccesary experience to build comprehensive mobile applications tailormade to any given featureset.

To demonstrate this I've built and released TalkFlare, a small utility app designed to enable users who struggle to start conversations to communicate when needed. The source code is available for viewing on request.

Try out TalkFlare here
Desktop Software

My experience developing in frameworks for Windows & Linux, and experience using Electron means I have honed skills in developing desktop software, for consumer and interal use.

To demonstrate this I've republished a small tool I built a couple years ago, named BuildMaster - a GUI utility enabling users of the games platform to deploy applications seamlessly. The code is available for viewing on request, and is open source.

See BuildMaster's code here.

With experience and practice building tightly integrated websites, with featuresets ranging from simple advertisement to fully interactive sites, I'm well equipped to handle all web development projects.

To demonstrate this I've released WriteLive as an example of my more complex works - a performant social networking site, allowing for posting of text & images, blog posts and direct messaging. A simple but capable service that is highly affordable.

Try WriteLive out.


Ready to create something awesome together?

I'd love to hear from you! Whether it's mobile, desktop, servers or the web, I'm equipped and ready to take your requests, and work together to create something brilliant. So, what'll it be?